Collection: Kanjivaram Sarees (कांजीवरम साडी)

Ek Dhaga is your ultimate destination for discovering the finest Kanjivaram sarees online. Offering a wide range of colors and intricate patterns, these Kanjivaram silk sarees are your perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury to your wardrobe. If you prefer different styles, such as Georgette, Chiffon, or Banarasi sarees, Ek Dhaga also has them in store.

The Kanchipuram Saree: A Legacy Woven in Silk

Kanchipuram Sarees boast perhaps the richest heritage among all sarees, thanks to their incredibly interesting 400-year-old history. This history is as glorious as the designs themselves.

Legend traces the origin of Kanchipuram sarees back to the temple town of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Here, descendants of the revered Sage Markanda, known as the weaver of the Gods in Hindu mythology, are said to have begun weaving these iconic sarees. Initially, these exquisite creations were the preserve of aristocracy.

Even today, the craft of Kanchipuram saree making is preserved with meticulous precision. Pure mulberry silk, sourced from dedicated farms in South India, forms the base of these sarees. Gold and silver Zari from Gujarat adds a touch of opulence. Modern customers are fortunate to have access to these exclusive Kanchipuram sarees online.

Stunning Kanjivaram Saree Styles for Every Occasion

The timeless elegance of a Kanjivaram saree is undeniable. But did you know you can style it in various ways to suit different occasions? Here are some inspiring ideas to unlock the versatility of your Kanjivaram saree:

  • Modern look with a Full-Sleeved Blouse:

Embrace a contemporary look by pairing your Kanjivaram saree with a modern, long-sleeved blouse. This creates a chic ensemble perfect for both parties and formal occasions. Complement the look with elegant bead jewellery.

  • Edgy Elegance with a Jacket Blouse:

For a fashion-forward twist, experiment with a jacket blouse. Opt for neutral tones like beige or cream to allow the vibrant colors and intricate designs of your Kanjivaram saree to take center stage. This unexpected pairing adds a touch of modern flair.

  • Classic Fusion: Kurta and Kanjivaram

Create a unique fusion look by teaming your Kanjivaram saree with a salwar kurta style blouse. This unexpected combination of two classic Indian silhouettes offers a fresh take on tradition. Keep the jewellery minimal with just earrings and a nosering for a balanced look.

  • Timeless Tradition: Designer Blouse

For a quintessential Kanjivaram look, go for an embroidered designer blouse. This pairing is ideal for traditional occasions like festivals and other cultural events. The intricate details of the blouse will beautifully complement the rich heritage of your Kanjivaram saree.

Caring for Your Kanchipuram Saree: A Guide to Long-Lasting Beauty

Kanchipuram sarees are treasured possessions, and proper care ensures they stay vibrant for generations. Here's a guide to maintaining your Kanjivaram saree:


  • Airing: Every 3-4 months, prevent color fading and preserve the yarn by airing your Kanjivaram saree. Simply open the saree, spread it on a cool surface for 30 minutes, and then refold it for storage.
  • Stiffness: Some sarees may have a stiff, starched texture due to the traditional yarn seasoning process. This softens naturally over time. To expedite the process, open the saree and wave it gently to loosen the starch.


  • Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning is highly recommended for Kanjivaram sarees. Ideally, space cleanings out to once every 2-3 uses.
  • Air Drying: Whenever possible, air dry your Kanjivaram saree instead of washing.
  • Ironing: After dry cleaning, use a roller iron to restore the crisp folds of your saree.