Collection: Paithani Sarees (पैठणी साडी)

Maharashtrian bride's essential choice, Paithani sarees are renowned for their captivating designs and vibrant colors, which draw inspiration from the beauty of nature. Paithani sarees often catch the eye of those who appreciate the combination of silk and zari. Due to their regal elegance and opulent use of gold zari craftsmanship, these sarees have earned the prestigious title of 'Queen of Sarees.' At Ek Dhaga, you'll discover a rich assortment of Paithani sarees in a wide range of stunning shades, including blues, blacks, whites, reds, and even purples. Explore the splendid collection below.

Steeped in history and elegance, Paithani sarees are a beloved icon of Maharashtra. Once crafted with imported silk and locally spun zari, these stunning garments have captured hearts for centuries. Their fame has grown far beyond their birthplace, placing them alongside renowned styles like KanjivaramBanarasi, and Patola sarees. The exquisite designs have continuously evolved, ensuring Paithani sarees remain a cornerstone of culture while seamlessly integrating into contemporary fashion.

Paithani Saree

The paithani saree has found its way into the hearts of women around the country with its colourful motifs and rich design. The amazing thing about these sarees is how elegant they are and their rich look perfectly makes use of the vibrant colours of the saree which makes the saree a versatile look for various occasions.

The beautiful paithani sari has now become a favourite of various designers too that add to the amazing designs to give it a modern touch. There has been a lot of changes over the years in terms of the fabric of the beautiful saree. The traditional cotton base of the saree has been replaced with silk. Sarees that used to have a cotton base with silk in the borders are now completely made from silk.

Paithani designs have undergone a fascinating transformation. Weavers have shifted from intricate small motifs to bolder, larger patterns, expanding the visual impact of the saree. Designers have also playfully experimented with color palettes, adding a fresh dimension to this timeless tradition.

The recent resurgence of sarees, fueled by online accessibility and stunning design innovations, has reignited women's love for these garments. Paithani sarees, with their vibrant colors and rich heritage, are a prime example of this trend. You can get amazing paithani saris online from Ek Dhaga, they have a wide range of beautiful sarees you can choose from that provide great offers and discounts that make the beautiful saree even more irresistible.

This renewed appreciation for sarees extends beyond India's borders. Around the world, people are increasingly drawn to the beauty and cultural significance of Indian textiles, with Paithani sarees being a coveted choice.

Style and Care

Fashionistas across India adore the versatility of Paithani sarees. These stunning drapes can be styled in various ways, with some of the most popular options including:

  • Traditional Nauvari saree draping: This iconic style showcases the saree's beauty in a classic way.
  • Peshwai Nauvari saree draping: Offering a twist on the traditional Nauvari, this draping adds a touch of grandeur.
  • Contemporary Marathi saree draping: This modern Maharashtrian drape provides a stylish and comfortable option.
  • Contemporary Marathi dhoti saree draping: Blending saree elegance with dhoti comfort, this draping offers a unique and contemporary look.

Beyond draping styles, Paithani sarees truly shine when paired with beautiful designer blouses. The choice allows you to create your own unique style:

  • Traditional blouse design: Embrace the saree's heritage with a classic blouse style.
  • Contemporary blouse design: Opt for a modern blouse for a fresh and trendy look.

For an extra modern twist, consider adding a metallic belt to your Paithani saree.

Completing your Paithani ensemble is all about the right jewellery. While choosing can be tricky, some traditional pieces like a Nath (nose ring), Lakshmi haar (necklace), and green bangles are always a safe bet. You can also explore options like Mundavlya (pearl strands for the forehead) and Vaki (armlet) for an authentic Maharashtrian look.

How To Maintain Your Paithani Saree

Treasured Paithani sarees deserve proper care to maintain their beauty. Here are some key steps to ensure your saree thrives for years to come:

  • Gentle Storage: Wrap your Paithani saree in a breathable muslin cloth for safekeeping. Avoid harsh chemicals like naphthalene balls and plastic or cardboard boxes, which can damage the fabric.
  • Fresh Air is Key: Ensure proper air circulation in your storage area to prevent moisture build-up.
  • Folding with Care: Change the folds of your saree after each use to prevent permanent creases.
  • Beware of Humidity: Protect your Paithani from excessive humidity, especially during monsoon season.
  • Liquid Avoidance: Spills happen, but try your best to avoid getting liquids on your Paithani saree. Immediate attention is crucial to minimize stains.
  • Dry Cleaning is Best: For deep cleaning, opt for professional dry cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals or machine washing, which can damage the delicate fabric.
  • Sun with Caution: While occasional sunlight can help freshen the saree, avoid prolonged exposure, as it can cause fading.

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